Friday, May 13, 2011

A New Idea

So it is the beginning of a new week, and I feel I have officially overcome my depression from last week. I feel like I am on an upswing, and becoming refocused on the upcoming next few weeks.

Home, home, home. I am going home in a week. 8 days to be exact! It cannot come soon enough. Mentally, I have been home for the last few weeks. My ambition to apply for jobs is minimal because I don’t want to schedule any interviews while I am away. I just need some good “home” time to refocus my head and become grounded again.

Although I plan on doing some deep thinking while I am home, that does not mean I can’t do some here. In fact, I had a small epiphany, if you want to call it that, today in the gym.

While running of the elliptical, I was questioning hard about what I need to do to stand out above other candidates for jobs. There must be another way I can help myself that I am not already doing. There is always room for improvement, but what is there to do that I have not already done?

The answer came to me as I need to market myself differently. I won’t tell you the exact specifics because I want them to remain confidential until I implement them, but just know I have come up with a plan/strategy to market myself better. I need to take advantage of the technologies that I have and market myself in a different light than I have in interviews.

It is a trial run for now, and it will take a few months to gather all I need. I hope by the end of the summer, I can have these new ambitions completed. Once they are, I will reveal them to you. Otherwise, I do not want to run the risk of someone else taking my idea, you understand that right?

I need to smarten up about what is in front of me and what else I have to offer aside from my current work experiences. I have been reading up on some bios of successful people, and I am starting to see a common thread of how they all started. I want to take that business idea and implement into my job search.

Here is to hoping, and, man, I have a lot of work to do. Wish me luck…


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