Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Body Types

I was doing some body research the other day, and I came across a quiz to discover my personal body type. I completed it and came up with these results: Mesomorph Body Type. There are three body types: mesomorph, endomorph and ectomorph. Each mean different things. However, I am not one to really look into personal appearance, heck, I don't even wear makeup unless I have too, but I am not alone when I say I am trying to understand how I look. I am not an insecure person, but I would be lying if I said I didn't have some insecurities.

We live in a society where appearance seems to be everything. You cannot go through the grocery store without seeing bikini body magazines or read the newspaper without mentioning childhood obesity. Face it, we are in the middle of a strong body image crisis in the country. It is a struggle, especially for girls, to accept your body despite its flaws because we have constant imagery telling us what is meant to be beautiful. Although things are starting to change, like ad campaigns from Dove, it doesn't mean the implications are any less severe.

Okay, done preaching. I was really just curious as to what my body type was so I could understand why I am different than some of my friends. I am tall, curvy and athletic. I am proud to say, that I am NOT a size 2, but a size 10. Take it or leave it, I have come to terms that I will never be super skinny, nor do I want to be. I like being athletic because it is a HEALTHY body type. A mesomorph body type just that... healthy. I am proud of that.

I know that my eating habits are different than my friends'. I eat pretty much whatever I like. I do not like to reject foods that I like for the sake of trying to be skinny. I eat what I like and I eat it often. However, when I am in Florida for example, my friends feel I do not eat enough at one sitting. I like to snack and pace how I eat. I do not like to over stuff myself. Then when I am in New Jersey, my friends believe I eat a lot when we are together, although the amount I eat is exactly the same! It is funny how people perceive things differently.

That is exactly the point. Since everyone sees something differently, it is up to you and only you to be okay with your body. I am not very food conscious because I like to work it off. Luckily my body type is lean and more meaty, so I do not gain or lose weight too easily (which stinks if I do want to lose weight, it is hard for me to do so.). I was heavier when I was younger, but I always knew I was never going to be a model. The only modeling I have ever wanted to do is Hair Modeling. I think the industry could use some natural blondes! :D

I also hate jean shopping! I like to shop for dresses and shirts, but not jeans. So many choices, but jeans today are not made with the curvy, tall, hipped girl in mind. It's all skinny this, low rise that, no hip this. ugh. It makes me so depressed sometimes. I think one of the lowest points for me and body was with Abercrombie and Fitch my senior year in high school. I went into the store with, at the time my best friend, who was 5'2" and SUPER skinny, like a string bean, and she knew it. Anyway, I was standing next to her at the check out line when she was told she could model for A&F.

I soon said, "Well I am tall, I could do this too."
"Uhh, noo. You are too big and heavy. You are not what we want to represent us," they retorted.

I couldn't believe it! I don't think you are allowed to talk to a consumer like that. I have never been back since. As if growing up tall doesn't make you feel like a freak already as a kid, being told that made it worse. I am completely over it, and I am proud to say that I would never want to be stick skinny. This is why I love sports. I am surrounded by girls who are healthy and all shapes and sizes. I have found my identity in sports for that reason, especially volleyball. All girls in that sport are over 6' and athletic. I am on the small side in my world in sport and in family ( I am the shortest in my family).

I think accepting who or what you look like is a part of growing older. As long as the advertising and image promotions are around, I know this issue will never go away, and heck, I am sure I will have the same insecurities my whole life, but it just matters how you deal with them.

So my goal for my body... be healthy. I want to be toned and fit rather than skinny. Although getting toned is a hard task, it is what my body type needs. I could care less about my weight as a number (163 if you wanted to know), because the number doesn't show how healthy you are for your particular body. If I could have my ideal body, I would be 150-155 lbs and toned. I am thinking of starting to pick up yoga or dancing; something different other than weights. That I will decide later.

Point is, be happy and comfortable with who you are. I am not perfect, and I still have insecurities. I found a notebook entry I wrote when I was 13, which stated what I loved and hated about myself. Funny enough, the results were exactly the same as they are today. For example, you will not see me in a bikini on the beach because I feel so uncomfortable in one. I do not like my upper body, especially my stomach. I know that my dreams of six pack abs are probably not in the cards for me (thanks genetics) as they are my sister. I really like my lower body, including my legs and feet, as well as my facial features and hair color. My hair separates me from others. When I was little, I got teased pretty badly about my differences (especially living in Japan), and I would come home saying I was going to dye my hair black when I got older. Now, you will never see me dye it! I own it, and I love it.

I am just happy to say that I do understand a little more, based on the results, why I am the way I am in terms of a physical body. I just wish that society will start to accept even tall, athletic girls in the mainstream. Many don't know, but Marilyn Monroe was actually a size 10 going to 16 at times! Time to bring that back. Athletica is a clothing catalogue made for athletic girls and modeled by athletic women. Check it out. Look at Lindsay Vonn, the Olympic skier. I could guarantee you she is not size 2, but curvy, athletic, and beautiful!

Anyway... longer entry than I anticipated. This is to all my fellow tall girls out there! Forget the media! Size 10 all the way!

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