Saturday, June 19, 2010

Crazy Memorial Weekend

(written for 5/29-5/31)

This weekend was by far the most social weekend I have had since I came out here. I just had to mention a little bit.

So after work on yesterday (half day!), a fellow temp from NJ came over to my apt. She and I watched Sex and the City all day because my roommate wanted to to be up to date in time for the movie. I have never really watched the show, so this was a major task.

I am really glad to have met her because she can relate to my complete situation. Just like me, she moved out to LA from Jersey by herself to temp for Disney. She was offered a role in the production offices in the Product Placement department; I had also done a M&G with her boss a month ago too. Funny that. Anyway, she has been out here for 9 months, and is slowly adjusting to it. I have told her about my woes with LA, my insecurities and the struggles I have had on the lot since I have been here, and she completely gets it. I am glad I am not the only one. She, too, keeps a blog about her times here on the west coast, just not as detailed as mine.

Anyway, so Friday we watched SATC all day. Then Saturday was SATC the movie day with me, my roommate, and her friends. We all went out for a nice dinner, got dressed up, and then went to the Arclight Theater to enjoy this cultural event. I definitely felt like the odd man out since I have no real attachment to this show. I had no idea just how big it was for women and gay men! All the women were dressed as if to go out on a fancy date in their stylish outfits as well as the men. There were some transgenders there that were each dressed as one of the 4 women, and one man escorted "Carrie" out as Mr. Big. It was so funny! I was definitely involved in something different.

Then Sunday was another social day. I received a text from one of the girls from NJ I met at a mixer a month ago, and she invited me to her friends' sports days in the field. It turned out to be mostly guys in their mid to later 20s. It was really warm outside, and I as dressed like I was going to a picnic when I should have been wearing gym clothes. Oh well. These guys were all really nice and social. I hope we continue to be friends or at least hang out in the upcoming months. We played everything from whiffle ball, kickball, soccer, etc. it was great to be outside and active!

I had to leave the game early to get ready for a date I had planned for that night. This was my first a looong time. The date went well, and I think I will see him again, but our schedules are busy, so not sure when.

So that brings me to tonight... Monday/Memorial Day. One of the guys I met at the Sports Day yesterday was throwing a pool party at his place and wanted me to come. It was really fun, perfect weather, and nice people. I had to leave early though because my roommate's friend was having a bbq as well, so we went to that.

This friend lives in the Hollywood Hills in a three story loft house..crazy cool! The party was full of a different crowd of people from hippies to artists. About an hour into the bbq, one of the neighbors pulled into their house and out stepped Olivia Newton John! She is close with the neighbors and was in town for a few days. Someone asked her to come up for a drink, but she kindly declined. Yay for random celeb sighting!

Shortly after that, we left that bbq and returned to the pool party, but it had died down a bit, so we returned back to our place. That is where I am now. What a crazy weekend right? It felt like non stop socializing... love it! Hopefully that will lead to a great week at work. :)

HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY EVERYONE. Thank you to the troops abroad. I am forever grateful for your service.

Oh, and bro, I am sorry I missed your college graduation. I was there in spirit. Congratulations on everything in life. I love you and miss you much. I hope to talk soon. Say hi to Savannah for me!

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