Saturday, June 19, 2010

Back to Disneyland!

(written for 5/20-21)

So after a great day at work yesterday, today was just as good. My friend from Orlando flew into LA this week, and he and I went to Disneyland yesterday and today. We were joined by two of his other friends as well, and we had a great time. Although I am still not a fan of DLR quite yet, I can really appreciate it for its originality and history.

My friend and I spent most of the day in DLR and then went to California Adventure later in the afternoon. We rode all the classics without much of a wait. This is why I like temping, I am off during the week at times, and I can do this! Awesome!

But what set this trip apart was we stayed in a resort for the first time. We spent the night in the Paradise Pier, which was quite nice. I would not say that it was as pretty as WDW, but the service was awesome! We were the Magical Moment group for the day, so with that came free rice krispies treats in the shape of a Mickey, Disney classic character chocolates, and a view of the entire CA park. I were told that the World of Color would be practicing its test shows last night, but that was not true; it was Grad night for local students instead.

I cannot wait to see the WOC!! I am happy to be here to see it. It looks great from their setup. We watched them play with the platforms and some of the colors throughout the day. It will be epic!

I had to leave DLR early today, because I had to escape to the Sonny with a Chance taping back in Hollywood. The taping was great, and I really enjoyed the actors that were in the show. I actually sat next to the guest star's wife and we talked the whole time. She invited me to their church for the next upcoming weeks, so I will definitely meet them again. Who knows, it may just lead to a contact on the show with the crew. You never know. :)

After the taping, which was 3 hours long, I went straight to the 1940s party, which was great. i really loved seeing everyone dressed as if they were from another time, and everyone looked amazing. I think I could relate to how my grandparents were raised for the first time being that we were playing old Hollywood movies, with pin up posters on the walls, RatPack like men, and a country at war. Yea? Well it worked for the time. I met a few guys there too, and all were really nice.

Now I am tired. I am going back to OC tomorrow for my cousin's senior dance recital, so I will see what that is like. I look forward to it. Talk to you sometime soon. Night!

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