Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I Know What I'm Talking About

One of the experiences while I was home in July that was truly cool to witness was helping my brother prepare for his first internship interview. He had an amazing opportunity presented to work for NBC, and he was basically going in with nothing.

Being the amazing older sister that I am (ego stroke here), I wanted to help him out with preparing for the interview. Of course, we didn't do this until midnight - 2am the night before the interview, but oh well, help is help right?

At first, I was so surprised about how little he knew about the job process. He had our Dad construct a resume for him, and had no idea what to expect for the interview itself. I was floored at how little he knew. How was this possible from a senior in college? At his age, I had already completed 6 internships and had probably been through 10 versions of my resume. Not knowing anything about the job interview process was not anything I could relate too.

So I sat down with him and went over his resume and told him what type of questions to exepct from the interview. I did role play and asked him questions that I figured would have been asked, and sure enough, when he returned home the next morning, he said all the questions they asked were what I quizzed him on that night. I basically was like, "See! I know what I'm talking about!!! Boosh!!" But I didn't.

I did take in the great pride that I knew exactly how that worked and just how qualified I really was. I guess knowing I had finished my internship with Conan 6 months prior and knowing how to conduct an interview proved to me that I am beyond that stage in my life and ready for a real job.

I was proud of my over-qualifications, but I was really proud on how I was able to get my brother to listen to me. It is really neat seeing him go through what I did just a few years later. I just wish I had the same help he had going into it.

So for anyone out there who wants internship advice... ask me! Haha, maybe that could be my fall back career if I fail out here.

Anyway, it turns out that he got a call back a few days later for a second interview, and then he got the offer! So now, he is gaining his first real work experience, and I am really proud of him. Way to go, Eric! I guess now we need to prepare him for an actualy job.... not sureif i qualify yet to help out on that one.

Until then...

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