Thursday, July 22, 2010

Some Changes This Way Come

So now that my update is done... I do have some issues I want to discuss. This post will be dedicated to the upcoming changes at work as well as personal life.

Working at the Studios has been an interesting experience. I won't say I am having fun, but I will say I am liking where I am. I have noticed within the last few weeks I have become situated with my position. I enjoy who I work for, who I work with, and how I can get good contacts for personal networking as well by meeting others on the floor. For the first time, I can see myself staying in this position for the year it would be used for. I have been thinking about it, and I have already been at the Studios for 4 months and it has gone fast, so what would be another 8-10 or so?

My only question is, would they hire me if I knew I was leaving in the year or so? Not sure, but based how I am getting used to the floor and getting compliments from my presence in the office, I think I am a really good candidate for staying as the Staff Assistant.

Speaking of which, HR approached me this week, and my position is now open on the internet for others to apply. I had no idea, so I know now they are really looking to fill this seat sooner rather than later. I have a feeling that this position will be filled by the end of the summer. So if you are interested, apply! I won't mind, honest.

I have noticed that with this position open again, the people around me have been pretty secretive about the process. I don't like how my relationship has to change for this, but oh well. I just want to be hired! So that is change number 1: the position is open and will be hiring sooner or later. I am prepared!

Change Number 2: I cannot tell you all of the details, but there is another position that opened up online that is a new positions because the "New Regime" is doing some executive shuffling with creating some new positions. It seems it will be an interesting shift.

Change #3: This is brand new as of today. I was called in for an interview for an exec assistant with another television production company. I will take it, but what if I get it? What to decide? I guess this is more of a change in choice.

Change #4: My relationship with one of my bosses is changing for the better in a professional manner. I guess he has gotten used to me, so he keeps teasing me about some of the crappy assignments he gives me. haha. At least I know he is comfortable with me as an assistant, and I feel that I can really work here.

Now here are some of the personal changes that I am trying to go through in my life.

1. Eat Better! I am trying to make it a good habit of eating fruits especially during the summer months here in LA. I have made it a point this week to eat yogurt with raisins and peanuts or eat cereal with raisins and bananas. For dinner tonight, I had my strawberries with brown sugar and yogurt with fruit again. I want to get healthier and this is one thing I can control.

2. I want to lose weight. I hate the feeling of getting out of shape or just gaining "flab". Although I am pretty well proportioned for being tall, I would say I am top heavy, meaning I gain the weight in my stomach area. This has always been my least favorite part of my body. I gain weight here, and I can never seem to lose it. I have set a goal for myself to lost 12 pounds in one month, but it may be by the end of the summer. I have weight to shed in my bulbous arms as stomach/hip area. It is not that I want to be skinny, but I want to look fit and toned. I have to do it, and only I can do it!

3. I need to exercise! I started running this week, except I did not do it today...oops. I have been running everyday last week up until Tuesday this week. It feels soo good, but then I have quickly lost it. I think I found a gym that I may join for 35 bucks a month with a pool and weights. Otherwise, I have been running about 2 or 3 miles around my neighborhood from 7:30ish for an hour. Come the winter, I know I cannot do this anymore, but for now, I am enjoying running in the summer heat at this time of twilight.

4. I finally bought boots! I now have a small change in clothing! I have been needing boots for over 2 years now, and I just bought 2 pairs at Charlotte Russe. Buy One pair and get a second for 10 bucks! I got a black and a brown pair.

I feel like with my new attention on how I present myself in clothes, my new makeup look, and now boots, I am finally accomplishing my New Years Resolution about bettering my appearance. Looking and feeling good. I got the look, now I need to feel it. Let's go exercise. I will try to wake up earlier in the mornings to run, but we will see how well that works.

Anyway, here's to the upcoming changes... Changes at work, personal, and family (quick recap: sis now at college, brother moving to NYC, parents becoming empty nesters), I guess things are looking brighter? Who knows, but it will be an interesting few weeks. Until then... goodnight!

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