Thursday, July 14, 2011

TV Progress is Being Made!

(Written 7/13/11)

It seems that I may be getting somewhere afterall! I feel momentum is starting to kick up in life... little by little. Let me explain...

Well, today is Wednesday, and last Friday, I applied to be a PA on NBC's new show The Voice for their NYC auditions, and I got it! They want me to be in NYC for two days July 22 and 23rd to help out with the contestants of the show. After NYC, the show will continue to travel to Orlando, Atalanta, San Fran, and then LA by the end of the summer. I am hoping to do well in NYC so they may offer me a position when they tape in LA. I know that is future thinking and not where I am right now, but at least I got the chance to work on it in NYC!! Therefore... I am going home! I will be home Wednesday the 20th- the 27th. I cannot wait!

Then literally a few hours after I booked the flight, I got an email from the production coordinator working on X-Factor, Simon Cowell's new and most anticipated competition show, for ten days here in LA. Of course I wanted to say yes, especially since this is the "dream job" for me, even if only for a few days, but of course as life would have it, the dates conflict with The Voice. I would not be able to go home, and I would have to cancel on Voice.

I asked the coordinator if I could work half of the expected days and switch my flight, but he said that would not work for him. Darn! I finalized my conversation saying I need to honor my commitment to Voice as I made it first, even if it means losing money instead of earning it. All in the name of taking a career chance.

I do wish I will get the chance to eventually work on both shows. To be a part of the staff when they return to LA would be a dream come true because it is family entertainment combined with Live TV, and a mass appeal. I only hope!

Furthermore, I have been reaching out to producers in NYC working on GMA and Today as well as Rachel Ray. I have been in contact with three of them thus far, and when I return to NYC next week, they want to meet with me! YAY! I hope that could lead somewhere too. I will keep you posted.

And lastly, I was able to shadow the assistant to the Executive Producer on So You Think You Can Dance!! She is a friend of mine, and part of my theater group, and she knows I want to work in live television, so she invited me to watch the taping and meet others on the staff. I was on cloud nine. I literally felt like I was in the right place at the right time. Ugh, if only I could be given the chance to be on a show like that! I met with some of the editors as well as Barry Adelman, the Executive Producer and my friend's boss. He told me if I am interested in learning more about Live TV to hang around with him more often. I really hope he was serious!!

I finally feel with these recent developments, that I am finally gaining some ground in making it in the television world. It is starting to become possible, I just have to keep going. I really hope something breaks soon. I have not heard yet, from my other interviews, but I feel okay about that for the first time.

I recently had an idea pop into my head that maybe having a full time job is not in the cards for me. Maybe I was meant to start out as a freelance PA and have been fighting it all this time. Maybe being this sporadic in various projects was all what my path was supposed to be anyway. A job may not be my answer as I thought it was the only one a few months back. If only I could be wanted on a steady basis, then I could say goodbye to BJs and survive on my own.

I hope to get there someday with or without a job as once expected. I am okay with just knowing that, so who knows where the wind will take me. At least it is starting to become breezy and pointing me in some direction. Here is hoping!!

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