Tuesday, August 3, 2010


PS. Another point I want to note, and then I am done blogging for today. Yesterday, one of the first assistants told me to attend a screening being held in the main theater of the lot to see what was aired at ComiCon last week. Of course I jumped and literally ran to the opportunity.

At this screening, one of the main creative Disney execs introduced first glance looks to Tron. We saw a 6.5 minute clip of the film, and it actually looks great! I am not the demo they want for this film, but the music is exciting. I think this is a great start to see what projects we choose with the new regime.

The second look was at Pirates!!! Jack Sparrow talked for about 2 minutes on a montage, and it was in 3D! I don't like 3D, but having Jack Sparrow reach out to me to share some rum was an amazing experience! I can only imagine what the rest of the film will look like. I was laughing so hard and soo excited I could barely contain myself!

The last few things they covered were Marvel's Captain America films (Marvel now acquired by Disney), the Avengers and Thor. I like them, and they look good, but I was focused on Pirates!

The final item was a 30 second descitption of the new Guillermo Del Toro take of the new Haunted Mansion! He is totally redoing it, and it will be darker, scarier and edgier than anything we can expect; totally true to the ride. When I saw the 30 second animation of the mascot, I got chills up my spine. It is so exciting!

Let's just say seeing these sneak peaks to the properties I love absolutely made me love where I was. I am so happy to be working for the company that makes Pirates or will make Haunted Mansion. I love working for this company, and that sneak peak really put it into more perspective for me. I am here at an exciting transition in the company, and I will eventually get to be creative and call those projects my own someday. Until then, staff assistant is a great start, temp or not.

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  1. 'The Haunted Mansion' isn't meant to be edgy. Zohmygod, do I pray they don't make that movie.